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After 41 years on the road, Robert Earl Keen is embarking on his farewell tour- I’m Comin’ Home.

A Houston native, REK has for three decades been regarded as one of the Lone Star State’s finest true Americana singer-songwriters. “Americana” style was officially recognized by the music industry in 1998. Robert Earl Keen was the genre’s first artist to be featured on the Americana Music Chart and on the debut cover of the radio trade magazine The Gavin Report featuring Americana.

Now with 21 records to his name, a band of stellar musicians, and thousands of shows under his belt, there is no end in sight to the road ahead. In July of 2021, POLLSTAR ranked Keen on its Top 20 Global Concert Tours, proof that he has blazed a peer, critic, and fan-lauded trail that’s earned him living-legend and pioneer status in the Americana music world.