About Us

GoodWorks Entertainment is a full service live entertainment company specializing in talent buying, artist management, event creation and marketing, production and sponsorship sales. Our expertise and range of services coupled with the “GoodWorks” culture positions us to deliver unique and memorable experiences to our clients, associates and partners. Our broad experience, our passion for building unique events and our commitment to sharing our success through charitable giving sets us apart in the Live Entertainment world.

Our mission is to build a sustainable and socially conscious organization that promotes good works through the transforming power of live music. We are committed to building a culture around fairness, honesty, integrity, hard work, charity and fun. It is our commitment to these principles that will attract like-minded partners, associates, artists and brands.

Our goal is to spread these qualities as widely as we can and take the small steps necessary to make the world a better, happier place. Our goal is build human connections one live show at a time.

At GoodWorks Entertainment we are committed to
sustaining a team of honest, philanthropic, goal oriented people that support and empower our clients and each other. It is our commitment to these principles that attract like-minded partners, associates, artists and brands: To spread these qualities and values to everyone we connect with consequently bringing people closer together. To build a community that has at its core; a desire to be a positive force in the world. To create experiences that allow us to let go of life’s worries and focus on creating a better future. To live in the moment, celebrate the good in people and simply be happy.